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DVD Teresa de Jesús - Molino / Geen nederlandse ondertitels
Auteur: Molina Josefina

ISBN: 8421394538184

Teresa de Jesús" is a jewel of Spanish cinema, with Concha Velasca playing the role of Teresa of Avila (for this is how most of us know her), mystic and, ultimately, Doctor of the Church. This is no naïve, sweet interpretation of sainthood. The writers and Concha Velasca make us aware of Teresa's struggle to be humble and remain faithful to the church one the one hand, and reform an entire religious order (the Carmelites) taking them back to their primitive rule and thereby launching one of the most effective answers to the Protestant challenge to come out of Spain. Along the way, Saint Teresa of Avila, discovers and launches another saint (and Doctor of the Church), John of the Cross. "Teresa de Jesús" is an 8 hour mini-series, and Concha Velasca's "aging" (she was about the same age as Teresa when she began her reform at the time this was filmed) with the character seems both effortless and natural -- what talent.

€ 35,00